DISC, representing work styles of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, has been used for more than 55 years in some 65,000 companies in 57 countries and 47 languages and it has its foundation in the Work Behavior Theory of Marston (1928). It is a quick, easy and accurate way of enabling you to describe one’s work style. It is a behavioral assessment with no right or wrong answers. Instead, it can assist you to identify the helper that will suit your requirement and expectation.

DISC Dominance Influence Steadiness Compliance
High Assertive Friendly Amiable Perfectionist
Competitive Persuasive Dependable Logical
Direct Positive Industrious Precise
Forceful Verbal Kind Accurate
Inquisitive Communicative Persistent Systematic
Self-starter Influential Deliberate Diplomatic
Low Unpretentious Reflective Active Firm
Cautious Serious Alert Independent
Non-demanding Factual Mobile Strong-willed
Modest Analytical Impatient Persistent
Peaceful Probing Demonstrative Opinionated
Mild Investigative Restless Unconventional

Not only looking at capability of domestic helpers, Tomato also makes use of this behavioral assessment to filter helpers, assist clients to shortlist and match helpers with clients in terms of work style. Together with five golden rules, harmony employment relationship is no longer a “pick and pray”.

1. Treat others with respect
2. Try to understand the differences
3. Listen actively, which means asking the other person to clarify what they mean if you are not sure
4. Value the strengths of others
5. Be clear in communications