Helper Form

Personal Information

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Family Background


Household Work

What experience do you have in household?

General Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning
Laundry (Hand Wash)
Laundry (Machine Wash)
Pet Caring
Car Washing
Clothes Sewing

Baby / Child Care

1. Are you willing to take care of the new born baby?
3. What experience do you have in Baby/Child Care?
Changing Diaper
Preparing Baby Food
Measuring Body Temperature
Sterilizing Milk Bottle
Caring of Children with Mental Disability
Caring of Baby/Children at Night Time

Caring of Elderly, Bedridden or Disable

1. Please fill in the following information if you have associated experience.
Male Elderly
Female Elderly
2. If you have no such experience, are you willing to take care of elderly, bedridden or disable?


1. Do you have experience in cooking?

2. Please state your experience

Chinese Food
Indonesian Food
Filipino Food
Western Food
Thai Food
Nepalese Food
Singaporean Food
Malaysian Food
Middle East Food
Taiwanese Food

Employment Record / Experience

Please rank from 1 (most experienced) to 10 (least experienced)

Education Background

Name of School
Graduate Year

Personal Commitment

Are you willing to...
take Chinese food provided by employer
work in family with elderly
take care of disabled regardless of gender
share a room with children and/or elderly
accept dayoff during weekdays assigned by employer
work on your dayoff for overtime pay
do some general housework on day off
return home not later than the time set by employer during dayoff

Questionnaire of Background

Part A
1. Do you smoke?
2. Do you drink alcohol?
3. Do you have criminal record either in Hong Kong or overseas?
4. Do you take or have you taken drugs?
5. Are you willing to serve a family of more than 6 members?
6. Can you promise not to invite friends/ relatives to visit at your employer's home without consent of employer?
7. Can you promise to dress properly, wearing no make-up and nail polish while working?
8. Can you promise not to ask for salary advance from your employer under any circumstances?
9. Can you prepare and cook beef?
10. Can you prepare and cook pork?
11. Do you shower and brush your teeth daily?
12. Can you take care of dog(s), cat(s) and bird(s)?
Part B - Please Answer the Following Questions

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