About Us


With ambition of not only simply supplying domestic helper but also providing excellent service throughout the entire selection and application process, Tomato is keen to assist people to open up a new page of life with time for joy and happiness while having helping hands at home. Professionalism is the word to summarize the combination of well-established process, thoughtful design of system and, last but not the least, memorable customer service that Tomato acquires.

Your journey to sit back and relax will even begin from the moment you select Tomato-Today Makes Better Tomorrow!


To make families with time for happiness and worry-free lifestyle
To inspire people about the joy of daily life
To be outstanding everywhere we engage



Having process setup 
for high satisfaction 
of customers


Nurturing a winning 
network of partners and 
building mutual loyalty


Being considerate, 
professional, add-value 
and also connected intimately 
with people when serve


Maximizing gains to 
stakeholders, while being 
mindful of our overall 



Delivering today and building for tomorrow

We are really proud of our Pro-tomato Services encompassing matching of helpers with employers, tracking system to timely report the application status and probationary scheme in order to help employers ease the selection and hiring process. Tomato continuously strives to excel our services to enhance customer experience.

We understand what is important to you

Our philosophy is simple – deliver best in class employment services by creating the optimal solution tailored for our customers.

We believe in shaping the right solution based on your needs

Every solution design starts with a series of deep discussions to understand customers’ need. At Tomato, we understand that customers have different needs and requirements, which is why we always drive for advancement in our solution to cover the differences.

We always strive to deliver services in the right time

We understand time is important to our customers. We commit to continuously improve speed of service, sensitivity to customer concerns and awareness of changes in the general needs of customers. This, we truly believe, will optimize customer satisfaction which we value very much.